1. Daily supply of fresh hides and skins from slaughterhouses.
  2. After arrival in our hides centre the hides are attached to a conveyor-belt. Immediately, processing starts by trimming, selecting and preserving the hides and skins. A first selection is made by visual inspection of the hides and they are weighted. This data is automatically saved in our database.
  3. During the night the hides are cooled to 3 degrees Celsius. This provides a good basis for the further conservation process. 
  4. The hides and skins are salted. This is mechanically performed so all hides are supplied with a uniform amount of salt.
  5. The salted hides rest for 2 weeks at large pallets to absorb the salt and retract the moisture.
  6. The hides and skins are mechanically desalted, weighted and visually sorted and packed on pallets.
  7. Conditioned storage (8 degrees Celsius) of full pallets after weighing and storage of the data in the database.

Order picking takes place one day before loading the trucks or containers. Weighing again, but now per pallet. After loading the entire lot is weighted again in the container as the final check.